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Thread: The Lost Land of the Dreded Black Screen

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    The Lost Land of the Dreded Black Screen

    Hello Bob, I've been away but im back now. I have a question for you Bob, I have a friend that tried to flash a rom(not one of yours) onto his 10G2 and i dont know what went wrong but now all the tablet does is it powers on and the Arnova logo comes up but immediatly after that the screen goes Black and stays that way, its turning on but its not booting. I remember you telling me that these tablets (10G2's ) are virtually imposssible to brick as in brick proof, anyways im convincing my friend to give me the tablet and i wanna take a shot at bringing it back to life(mostly just to piss my friend off ) but i figured id give it to my son to keep him off of mines. Anyways, got and ideas on this one? What should i do?Thanks!

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    Put it into flash mode and flash a good ROM. If it's not a hardware problem is should bring it back to life.

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