View Full Version : Arnova 8G2 4GB STOCK ROM - Now Available

04-28-2012, 08:21 AM
Thanks to a user dump, we now have a Arnova 8G2 4gig stock ROM dump.

THIS IS NOT for the 8gig memory Arnova 8G2!!!! It is ONLY for the 4 gigabyte version.

I am taken the ROM apart and it looks good but I cannot test it to be sure.

This is update.img. If you are bricked from another ROM you MUST use the RKBatch tool whoch you can download here.


Here is a great post by ZonaMojo about how to flash with the RKBtach tool.


And finally here is the ROM download.

ROM -> Arnova 8G2 4GB model - Stock ROM update.img (75 megs) (http://video.freaktab.com/?subpath=finless/arnovaroms&filename=arnova8g2_4gb_stock.zip)