View Full Version : System app force closes and unable to debug

04-13-2012, 10:35 AM
Hi all,
I've been getting a lot of strange problems with my 7bG2 the last few days. Whenever I try to install anything from the market I get the old "insufficient space" error despite having over 80Mb free on internal storage, and if I go Settings > Applications > Manage Applications then I get a force close every time.

I decided to try and see what the problem was using logcat in Eclipse, so I installed the USB debug drivers for the tablet, connected the device and set it all up (+ made sure USB debugging was turned on on the device) and yet "adb devices" is empty and logcat doesn't spit anything out. I know the environment is set up fine because I develop apps and use my HTC Desire to test, which connects fine.

Any ideas as to what the hell is going on?

04-13-2012, 11:19 AM
Have you tried a factory reset? If that does not work then something got messed up in /system

Being rooted can be a double edge sword! Factory reset does not reflash /system as it assumes it is read only and thus should never be changed. Most the time I see this issue is people tooted with RW to /system used an APP like ROM manager or SDmaid and used some of the tools in those not designed for the Arnova (ginmgerbread 2.3.1) and it jacks up file permissions, etc.

If factory reset does not work your only recourse is to reflash system.

FYI to pull logcat from system you need to be up and running. If you go into recovery your only getting logcat from recovery and not the system logcat. Thats my experience with the Arnova anyway.