View Full Version : Arnova G2 "All Models" Stock Apps and Media

02-04-2012, 02:04 PM
Hey folks... for those of you that flash my ROM's or any other peoples ROMs, you may notice the stock Apps and Media (books, etc) that came with your Arnova G2 models are missing.

So I am providing you with a download to get them back!
Of note is depending on time zone you selected, the Office suite will either install the Pro version or the free version! Both are included here as they were on the Tablet all along! Which version got installed depended on your time zone you chose on boot up! :)

Here are the stock Apps. This includes the PROPER Flash 10.3 for Arnova G2's.
DOWNLOAD -> All Arnova G2 models - Stock Apps with Flash 10.3 (70 megs) (http://video.freaktab.com/?subpath=finless/arnovaroms&filename=arnova_g2_apps.zip)

Here is the stock media. It includes sample movies and the e-books that came on your Tablet:
DOWNLOAD -> All Arnova G2 models - Stock Media (188 megs) (http://video.freaktab.com/?subpath=finless/arnovaroms&filename=arnova_g2_media.zip)

Enjoy all!

02-17-2012, 12:56 PM
Thanks! Will come in handy!!