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  1. CWM recovery for rk3066 devices.
  2. Which the of RK3066 models has the best wi-fi reception?
  3. cwm recovery zip for the new libstagefright.so
  4. Bluetooth dongle suport on every rk3066 Device
  5. Want to try to compile drivers for you? Come here and I will try to do that. RK3066 devices
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  15. bricked RK3066 device
  16. Improve wifi ...need dongle usb
  17. How can i Screen Shot Mk809ii?
  18. 808b, here the new 4.2.2 firmware with kernel 16 april (cwm backup)
  19. CWM error can't mount /external_sd when attempting to restore a backup
  20. Which dongle do I have and how can I fix it?
  21. Strange WIFI behaviour
  22. [Wifi-MOD] UG802 Wifi Antenna Mod.
  23. MK808 Can java plugin be install in Android v4.2.2 JB
  24. Screen Rotation?
  25. Double power supply mk809II clone point of view 200bt
  26. Do all RK3066 based sticks render always at 16 bit colour depth???? and framerate stability
  27. Questions about Wifi/Bluetooth
  28. MK808 - WIFI - WEP Option
  29. 4.2.2 not working on some TVs
  30. Installing libstagefright causing a boot loop
  31. MEASY RC11 and RC12 all working keyboard now
  32. New Rockchip Batch Tool v1.7 Plus v3.5 Drivers
  33. not sure what my rk3066 tv dongle is
  34. New thread for drivers petitions.
  35. 1080p over WiFi
  36. Does stick/rom that supports hardware deciding exist today?
  37. Custom display resolution
  38. Help to identify android box
  39. Help to find a working firmware for this strange device.
  40. Keymapping CTRL+ALT+DEL
  41. need assistance with new device
  42. Problem
  43. Help me identify this minipc
  44. Problem with normal USB port on MK809II
  45. Please ID My Stick + A Few Questions
  46. NFS (Test) Kernel
  47. XBMC Installer
  48. How to add icons on ROM home screen
  49. Request to Bob
  50. MK808 problem
  51. Question to Bob concerning new RK3066 box
  52. HELP PLEASE problems
  53. Mk809ll stock 4.2.2 firmware
  54. Flashing and unbricking a MK809II using Windows 8 please take note
  55. Any solution for rk3066 stutter/judder video playback?
  56. Need to compile Finless-Kernel on my own (enable additional USB-PID in multitouch-driver)
  57. Android 4.2.2 TV Camera RK3066 dual core 5.0 MP camera built in MK818
  58. XMBC + MX Player streaming issue
  59. Brighthouse app for Mini-pc
  60. Waxberry Pi2
  61. is it possible to auto hide system bar in mk808 without rooting ??
  62. How To Fix Bluetooth
  63. Date/Time 01/01/2000
  64. Is there a 4.2.2 rom support realtek 8723as wifi/bt chipset?
  65. New Neo X5, Call Me Stupid I Don't Get It...
  66. MK802IIIS new offical firmware 130722
  67. Downgrade from 4.2.2 on RK3066 (help me identify please)
  68. Libstagefright breaks plex !!!!!!!!! :(
  69. How to miracast my Windows 7 PC to android TV stick?
  70. Help needed i ve brick my rk3066 device
  71. Android 4.3??
  72. [ROM] CyanogenMod 10 for MK808
  73. Looking for the best android mini pc for gaming
  74. RK3066 Android 4.2.2 TV Box SDK!
  75. I have audio but no video when playing a game
  76. Anyone know of this RK3066 device
  77. Plex cleint doesn't work use this client it does!!!!!
  78. Cyanogen10 Android 4.2.2 Rom for RK3066 Devices(1 SEP 2013)
  79. Need linux on MK802 IIIs
  80. looking for rmkremote apkfor tv
  81. New hardware mk808/mk808b clone. blue HTC board anyone seen this before?
  82. New hardware mk808/mk808b clone. blue HTC board anyone seen this before?
  83. Help! my MK808B doesnt boot.
  84. youtube playback issue
  85. Tronsmart MK808II = MK808B + Outside Wi-Fi Antenna
  86. New to Rockchip devices, but not to Android/kernel hacking, a few questions to get me started.
  87. firmware for rk30sdk help
  88. UG802 Finnless 1.8, bricked by installing faulthy recovery (picuntu 4.4.3) possible to fix?
  89. Can anyone help me ID my new stick?
  90. HELP me Identify UG0007 II? Mediatek BT and WIFI no cooler? STRANGE
  91. UG008 or MK808II?
  92. My Minix X5 is stuck after Finless Bob Ron installation
  93. Is there a custom mod for the NC-812-19A?
  94. Any ways to spoof Wifi / 3G status
  95. kexec format error possibly due to wrong version of insmod used (loading custom kernel modules into stock kernel)
  96. Cannot identify this tablet at all.
  97. libstagefright.so ROCKCHIP
  98. Chinabuye giveaway activities-to win a USD191.20 valued android phone
  99. MK808B info
  100. "MK809 II" - RK3066 + MT5931SA & MT6622N
  101. U1 Android Player (RK3066, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM) Backup and beyond
  102. MK808B Image Backup
  103. Can anybody help me identify my Mini PC Tv
  104. Help needed.....mk808 and another rk3066( think its a ug802)
  105. USB audio imito mx2
  106. How to run webcam on CX-803
  107. Need help to identify device
  108. IPEGTOP A1 CLONE OR NOT? help
  109. MK808 - I set 720p and after reboot, he back for 1080p
  110. How to Root CX-803B 4.2.2
  112. Help me pick my 1st Android stick! (up to 40)
  113. Identify TV stick and firmware
  114. anyone help me with this Android Mini TV:(
  115. SOLVED! Bricked GoClever nanoDROID X2 (rk3066 device) - IDB Failed, Lower format failed.
  116. Problems with live wallpapers on full screen
  117. MK808b .what's the best VPN.
  118. Smart TV V3 or MK818B?! Help me identify the device firmware and find him! I need help!!!
  119. Wich one of these?
  120. Help identify stick: Nurvo
  121. mk808 4.4 soon ?
  122. MK 802 III brick after trying to change from 1.8 Fineless for UG
  123. Rock usb drivers fail to install
  124. Help me fix Mini Android PC (Dual Core RK3066 Mini Android)
  125. is this x5 clone or what?
  126. Help Install Linux MK809 II
  127. Help me please identify this stick. Wi-fi not work!
  128. mk808 original
  129. Help please to identify the device firmware and find it!
  130. Best performing 1080p player for rk3066
  131. B13 fails ROM update at 90% always. Can reformat?
  132. 'HELP' stuck at 'Google TV screen' MK808b
  133. Rom for this device
  134. If left idle Mk802III scrren goes black and reboot needed
  135. Help to Identify my Device
  136. Advice please, just bought a mk809ii and wondering waht is the best rom / firmware to use
  137. How to back up .image for original rom
  138. rk 3066 cant flash
  139. trying to figure out what I have
  140. Freelander AP10
  141. prepeare IDB failed for tablet wintouch R10 RK 3066
  142. Developers Help Needed regarding RK3066 Archos 97 HD Titanium Tablet.
  143. Help please! I've bricked my MK819
  144. How to Remove Google Play Store From Rom
  145. mk809 rom or firmware?? help
  146. Req: Better rom for CX-818 , DNS T-818 ,etc - Neomode or Finless or anybody
  147. MK808B, crashes if you play a second video
  148. MK808(B?) bricked during Clockwork install
  149. Anyone know what board this is? Justop droibox mpa042sr rev 2
  150. lag playing a streaming video
  151. Android 4.4 on rk3066
  152. noob need help
  153. Jynxbox XD firmware?
  154. Chinese RK3066 box questions
  155. Rockchip Devices Stuck on boot logo
  156. Wifi not working after flash?
  157. PROBLEM flash axtrom 7e01+
  158. noob needs help
  159. Google play apps not supported on your device?
  160. question about CWM
  161. What's the difference between the newest Mini TV Stick UG007 and MK802 III?
  162. It's TIME - 3066 End Of Life - Finless ROM support
  163. whats best to replace the MK808?
  164. Best Rom for Rikomagic MK802IIIS? Overclock kernels?-Help plz.
  165. Need help about WIFI with Picuntu 2.2 on MK808
  166. Disable HW overlays permanently?
  167. Can i plug in my mini TV device to a old box television?
  168. Change look of eHomeMediaCenter
  169. Can't change default launcher
  170. how to Default RK3066 ADB Driver Win 8 64bit
  171. Need help to debloted this rom
  172. XGA monitor on Rockchip-powered keyboard PC?
  173. Menu overlay won't hide on Youtube or HBOgo
  174. Installing Linux on a RK3066 based device
  175. mk809 II WIFI fix for picuntu RC 2.2 for RK3066
  176. Rooting the rko3066/rockchip 3066 device
  177. nanoDROID X2 GO goclever
  178. where are the downloads???
  179. Another Unknown Board
  180. Smooth performance from a RK3066?
  181. RK30xxLoader(L)_V2.13
  182. Dynamic CPU speed depending on CPU Temperature - no more crashes :)
  183. MK808/Wheezy - hostap, WPA does not work but WEP is working
  184. Linux Experiences: A10 vs. RK3066 vs. i.MX6 ?
  185. how to patch stock kernel to display true 1080p resolution ?
  186. Have a relatively unknown Smart TV stick. Andersson ADS2.1. Any firmware i can change / roms I can use?
  187. Tianle TL869 Android Streaming Media Stick/Mini PC - $19.77 shipped from Amazon
  188. Pipo Smart S1 RK3066 Custom ROM
  189. RK3066 NO AUDIO since KITKAT Rom - Need help
  190. Need advice on buying a stick
  191. Run Android and Debian Applications on you RK3066 device
  192. MK-808B or CX-919
  193. IdeaUSA DTV001 / iDeaTV / DroidTV / HDMI Stick with MTK Wi-Fi and BT chip
  194. Linux Experiences: A10 vs. RK3066 vs. i.MX6 ?
  195. MK908 dead
  196. RK3066 TV Stick with KitKat, help.
  197. Android KitKat Kernels for RK3066 devices
  198. RK3066 Mini PC
  199. b13s rk3066 echo on tv over hdmi
  200. Fimware X-VIEW PROTON 2 PRO
  201. Rock usb drivers fail to install
  202. Wich one of these?
  203. MK809II - No Video Image on Youtube but Sound OK
  204. RK3066 device
  205. ANDOID TV BOX rdk31sdk
  206. ES File Explorer?
  207. Flashing Roms on OSX
  208. flash Mk809ii without OTG
  209. Recovery of B12 Kimdecent
  210. Unknown device - please help identifying!
  211. major problem mk809ii
  212. Fabtab Quadro 7
  213. Andersson - SmartTV-HDMI MKIII Driver issue and need compatible rom
  214. [HELP] Rooting MK808B Clone
  215. Tianle TL869 rooted with cwm based recovery stuck verifying package
  216. Mx2 Clone, which F/W?
  217. Sopcast on Miracast DLNA stick RK2928 based
  218. [HELP] Need firmware for GXT809II (fake MK809II)
  219. Firmware for MK809ii (RK3066) & RTL8723BS (WIFI)
  220. How to flash a new Kernel
  221. Need firmware for cs968 chip rk3066 wifi 6210?
  222. Firmware for Natec HD221