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  1. Rockchip Tablet Rooting Requests
  2. Learn how to compile an Android Kernel!
  3. What you guys using?
  4. creating bootable ext3 system image for rrk2918 tablet.?
  5. RockChip ROM Building Tips and Tricks by Finless
  6. Arnova 7G2 running Icecream Sandwich....
  7. How many versions of Arnova 10G2 do we have
  8. Dumping ROM using ADB guide
  9. CReating APK from exe
  10. Google Play "FIX" Patch kit for all my 1.4 ROMs
  11. Where can ask about development
  12. Initial boot screen?
  13. Hulu Plus for most All Android Tablets
  14. Something for people to have a look at
  15. [Request] root and recovery on chinese tablet
  16. ClockWork MOD is IN THE HOUSE and WORKING!!!!
  17. ClockWork Mod for Finless ROMs - BETA testing thread.
  18. Archos Arnova 7 g2 CYANOGEN MOD
  19. How to port Finless GingerComb 2.0 over to 8G2.
  21. Find how to root your android device
  22. how to put?
  23. Stuck to temporary Root Rockchip RK29
  24. Replacing systemui.apk.
  25. Is it real Rockchip Chipset cannot use ext3 system??
  26. Different size backup.img of rkdump (Win) vs rkdump.pl (linux). Which one should i use for RK29update ?
  27. root request for ematic exp8b
  28. Help with an RK2918 tablet
  29. looking for CWM complied for ICS
  30. Acho c901 ICS
  31. ROOTING CHERRYPAD TURBO (RK2918 tablet from Philippines)
  32. Build a kernel for Arnova 10 G2 from source
  33. Arnova 10b g3 ADB splash Screen
  34. Parameter files
  35. might be possible to use to port meego or some other os
  36. OTA updates?
  39. some important tools for RK ROM Devs
  40. one ROM dev's approach
  42. Cherrypad Turbo rockhips Logo ang restart only
  43. initlogo.rle help...
  44. Working AMLogic tablets
  45. CX-803 Need to learn how to root. I have the stock boot.img file
  46. CherryPAD TURBO please help..
  47. Pulling rk3066 ROMs with rkflashtool on Linux
  48. Need help with memory bug.
  49. New Clockwork Recovery
  50. TOUCH SCREEN DRAMA & SANEI N83 (but maybe all SANEI/AMPE and others) RK 3066 2 CPU ALL IN ONE ROOT FOR NOOBS!
  52. Converting a ZIP ROM to a system.img
  53. Root Request Newsmy T3 7" R2918
  54. RK3066 with flashing problem: Download File Failed
  55. IH, I need some help/
  56. Freescale i.MX 6 D/Q and i.MX 6 DL/S Android JB4.2.2_1.0.0-GA release
  57. How To Install RK Drivers In Windows 8
  58. Pinch zoom without touchscreen with mouse Android
  59. ROM Mania, Romchecker and downloader needed!
  60. Is it possiblt to boot RK3066-based tablet from an external SD?
  61. Colorovo CityTab 10.1 (RK 3066) - Rom dump, CWM recovery, and need some advice
  62. Custom Rom for Idolian Studio 10 Tablet
  63. Getting a Download Boot Fail error in RK Batch
  64. New tool to flash rk devices from linux
  65. Cool Mods for Developers to include in roms
  66. What is the best way to save a complete ROM Backup?
  67. Trouble replacing system.apk
  68. Mounting img files problem
  69. 4.2 Broken CIFS
  70. RK Boot images and animations.
  71. Root on phones and tablets
  72. How to Setup a Master Android ADB Path in Windows
  73. Requesting Info about Erasing NAND IDB
  74. RK3xxx Firmware Tools
  75. Where else can ro.secure hide?
  76. (req) (winner) howto Dumping ROM
  77. RK3066/3188 FactoryTool? FWFactoryTool?
  78. PiPo Tablet MAC Address Spoofing
  79. moving init.rc out of the ramdisk
  80. Fullscreen Browser Display System
  81. How to make a JB Firmware update (4.1.1 - 4.2.2 / 4.3 ) For my device/from sources?
  82. Newsmy Newpad T3 HELP!!
  83. 900supersport's guide to working RK ROMs
  84. HARDWARE HACK/MOD/ROOT - Biglots D2 Platinum 751G_MZ Hardware Rooting method with pictures!
  85. flash_image Binary, Other way to dump your stock or actual rom, or flash partitions from android, No PC needed. For rockchip
  86. xbmc install problem
  87. Creating virtual folders
  88. Freaktab rkromkitchen testers wanted
  89. [QUESTIONS] parameter file + RKAndroidTool v1.37
  90. FreakTab RK ROM Kitchen by 900supersport v2
  91. FreakTabKitchen - Busybox information
  92. Question regarding images and other configs.
  93. Firmware Factory Tool V3.4 : Boot logo & Animation changer, etc... tool for Window
  94. Colorovo CityTab 7 - faster ROM ?
  95. How to create an Android firmware (*.img) for rk3066
  96. Need help: No wifi with my Rockchip tablet
  97. problem with rk tablet (odys cosmo)
  98. This is how to enable JTAG ON M6 ....... :)
  99. Rockchip AndroidTool 2.1
  100. Dump Rockchip RK3066/RK3188 roms to MicroSD Card
  101. Rockchip Linux Upgrade Tool
  102. Rockchip UpgradeDllTool v1.26
  103. Backing up your RK device (ROM) with the new RK 2.1 tool
  104. RKZen: Scripts Bash to flash under Linux
  105. Rockchip tool for Linux
  106. Trying to create new rom from Nov geekbuying stock
  107. Battery status from 1% to 100% ( MK808 )
  108. please help!!!
  109. Unofficial TWRP for Rockchip's
  110. rftesttool_v43
  111. Rom Modification - PLEASE HELP!!
  112. Kernel unpacking on RK3066 rom.
  113. please give me my tablet rom
  114. rockchip u-boot source code
  115. Tools for monitoring GPU usage? (Mali 400 / G18REF box)
  116. Loading CPU govenors at boot using init.d. Possible or not?
  117. Rockchip RK3026 cooking ROM
  118. busybox, where should it should be ?
  119. Mount Minix neo x7 img
  120. Help modifying parameter file to get 2GB data partition
  122. try to compile cwm recovery with no luck , rk3188
  124. Modifying parameter file, unable to boot
  125. 'ANDROID!' boot.img - want to modify only the ramdisk
  126. Parameter files 6GB vs 4GB
  127. Rooting KitKat
  128. RockchipDumpSplit - Simplifies the creation of backups from rockchip devices
  129. Questions about bootloader rockchip devices
  130. MK908 and touchsreen
  131. Kernel restricting resigned framework-res.apk
  132. Dumping User Partition
  133. tool
  134. Virtualbox
  135. AMLogic ROM Building Tips and Tricks by Finless
  136. Trouble on adding more space on system.img
  137. CWM and KITKAT - question?
  138. Where can I get a N64 ROM Hacking program?
  139. Factory reset and ROM Modification question
  140. Nintendo Wii storage card?
  141. Rockchip Factory Tool v4.4 (System Clone)
  142. Keslar Custom ROM for Tecno P5 By Hovatek
  143. Enabling USB hub support on RK tablets
  144. Please help, trying to root Prestigio Multicenter PAB2411
  145. Map external hd on Armada M8
  146. [Q] Custom Firmware - Running SH scripts on boot
  147. CHALLENGE looking for a dev that actually knows!!!!
  148. Alcor Q933RS Tweak help
  149. Maskrom: Using Rockchip Linux Upgrade Tool!
  150. Where can I find the stock rom for a Xelio P900A-BK tablet?
  151. 900supersports guide to working MediaTek ROMs
  152. Any help with this error "app isn't installed" when I go to settings
  153. Help Boot Sequence
  154. MT6589 (Xiaomi Redmi): Root'n flash under Linux
  155. Even if I sign, I get verification failed
  156. Can't resign update.zip bigger than 300MB
  157. Vandroid T2i amlogic
  158. signing firmware
  159. MK808B Help
  160. Kitchen for RK3288
  161. hipstreet Hyperion HS-785TB2-8GB rooting?
  162. update rom from GB to ICS plz help !!!!
  163. Update creator help
  164. AMlogic SDK
  165. Cannot root ThL T6 Pro (MTK6592M) mobile phone
  166. CUSTOM ROM OFFER: RK3288 and RK3066/RK3188 devices!
  167. Disable "Verify Apps" in ROM
  168. Customised ROM
  169. Non-root version opinions on android firmwiremod but, still debloated?
  170. Fabtab Quadro 7
  171. Sorry to say this but, I'm taking a leave from ROM Development!
  172. Rockchip resize partition
  173. Google Leanback launcher - modification
  174. rockchip rk29sdk
  175. mk809 3 increase space
  176. USB Passthrough
  177. Signing an application as a Rockchip system app
  178. Rockchip AndroidTool 2.3
  179. Custom Firmware Help
  180. New Uboot RK3288UbootLoader_V2.19.01.bin Source
  181. Shared user ID and signing issues.
  182. Required rom for rockchip rk30 ft970 tab
  183. Installing android on AMD E2-1800
  184. Help pleaseeeeeee Droidbox X7
  185. Rockchip Factory Tool 5.0
  186. How to create img from zip?
  187. Compile for me please
  188. TouchScreen problem
  189. how to put?
  190. please help!!!